# Imagevue X3.25.1 SETUP INSTRUCTIONS ================== X3 INSTALLER ------------------ Simply use the x3_installer.php to install X3 directly on your server. https://www.photo.gallery/download/?x3_installer OR X3 ZIP DOWNLOAD ------------------ 1. Download https://www.photo.gallery/download/x3.latest.zip, and unpack the X3 zip file into a temporary folder on your computer. 2. Upload all the files and folders inside the X3 folder to your website. You can upload to the root of your website, or into a subfolder. --- After install, navigate to your website URL and follow the steps presented on screen. Diagnostics ------------------ If there are critical issues noted on the initial page-load, you should try to resolve them. If there are no critical issues, you can navigate to your X3 PANEL [yourwebsite.com/panel] settings > advanced and disable diagnostics. FIRST STEPS ================== Once your X3 application is working, you can start setting it up. First, you may wish to use the STYLER interface (accessible from a button at bottom right of your X3 website) to review combinations of skins, colors, fonts and layouts. You can also start editing settings and creating pages from your X3 panel [yourwebsite.com/panel]. The X3 panel includes in-context help links which will help you on your way. LINKS ================== # X3 Documentation https://docs.photo.gallery/ # X3 Support Forums https://forum.photo.gallery # Purchase X3 License and Authorization https://www.photo.gallery/buy/ # Download Links https://www.photo.gallery/downloads/ # Official X3 Demo Gallery https://demo.photo.gallery https://demo.photo.gallery/ # A list of several websites running imagevue X3 https://www.photo.gallery/showcase/ Good luck! https://www.photo.gallery